Den Gamle By: Danmarks Købstadmuseum (Årbog) da-DK Den Gamle By og forfatterne har ophavsretten til artiklerne i Den Gamle Bys årbøger. (Martin Brandt Djupdræt) (Martin Brandt Djupdræt) tir, 03 jul 2018 10:13:25 +0200 OJS 60 Dybde og dimension <p>Depth and dimension<br />2017 has not only been the big cultural year for Aarhus as European<br />Capital of Culture. It has also been a great year for Den<br />Gamle By with the opening of the Jewellery Box, Aarhus Story,<br />the Car Seller, several special exhibitions and big Aarhus Stories<br />event in the heart of Aarhus. Museum Director Thomas Bloch<br />Ravn writes about how he thinks history can make a contribution<br />by giving modern life depth and dimension.</p> Thomas Bloch Ravn ##submission.copyrightStatement## man, 05 feb 2018 16:25:19 +0100 Årets gang og planer for fremtiden <p>The course of the year and plans for the future<br />With a new four-year appropriation from the Danish State and<br />yet another record year as a backdrop, the scene was really set<br />for a strong performance from Den Gamle By in 2017, when Aarhus<br />has been European Capital of Culture. Particularly worth singling<br />out are the exhibitions the Jewellery Box, Aarhus Story and<br />the Car Seller, all of which are permanent and will still be here<br />after the end of the Cultural Capital Year. Also worth emphasizing<br />is the production Aarhus Stories, which was shown in the heart of<br />Aarhus, just like the special exhibitions and books that the Den<br />Gamle By is behind – efforts that have required creativity and a<br />total investment of just under DKK 100 million, and which until<br />now (the beginning of October) have resulted in a growth in visitors<br />of over 15 percent.</p> Thomas Bloch Ravn ##submission.copyrightStatement## man, 05 feb 2018 16:25:19 +0100 Fra Aarhus Museum til Aarhus Fortæller <p>From Aarhus Museum to Aarhus Story<br />With Aarhus Story Den Gamle By has realized a long-standing<br />wish for a permanent exhibition that shows the history of the city,<br />from the Aros of the Viking Age to the modern city that we<br />experience<br />Aarhus as today. Museum Director Thomas Bloch<br />Ravn writes about the museum history of the city from the first<br />museum in 1861 to the exhibition Aarhus Story as the most recent<br />branch on the tree.</p> Thomas Bloch Ravn ##submission.copyrightStatement## man, 05 feb 2018 16:25:19 +0100 Aarhus Fortæller - En tur gennem udstillingen <p>Aarhus Story – a walk through the exhibition<br />Aarhus Story is an underground time travel through 1200 years of<br />history. The exhibition is chronologically structured and consists<br />of six main sections, each with its special focus: The Viking Town,<br />The City of the Bishops, Burghers, Growth, Occupied, and Big<br />City? The four authors of the article have each played a key role<br />in the development of Aarhus Story.</p> Martin Brandt Djupdræt, Lisbeth Skjernov, Søren Tange Rasmussen, Connie Jantzen ##submission.copyrightStatement## man, 05 feb 2018 16:25:19 +0100 Vi står på skuldrene af andre <p>We stand on the shoulders of many museums<br />The ideas for Aarhus Story have been gathered from museums all<br />the way from the Museum of Liverpool to Het Huis van Alijn in<br />Ghent and then stirred into Den Gamle By’s melting pot, to fit in<br />with the quite special concept on which Aarhus Story is based.</p> Thomas Bloch Ravn ##submission.copyrightStatement## man, 05 feb 2018 16:25:19 +0100 Sådan gjorde vi - udvikling og realisering af Aarhus Fortæller <p>How we did it<br />In 2011 the City Council in Aarhus asked Den Gamle By to take<br />over responsibility for the history of the city. The following year<br />the Salling charity foundations granted the funding necessary for<br />a permanent exhibition about the history of Aarhus. Immediately<br />afterwards the work began on drawing up a conceptual plan in<br />which target groups, content and presentation principles were<br />defined and used as guidelines in the realization of the exhibition<br />Aarhus Story.</p> Martin Brandt Djupdræt ##submission.copyrightStatement## man, 05 feb 2018 16:25:20 +0100 Meget mere end Aarhus Fortæller <p>Much more than Aarhus Story<br />The establishment of Aarhus Story was a milestone in the activities<br />of Den Gamle By as responsible for the city’s history. In the<br />time ahead we will be working in Den Gamle By to find models<br />for how we can deal with the role as the local museum for<br />Aarhus.<br />We expect this to be a never ending story.</p> Anneken Appel Laursen ##submission.copyrightStatement## man, 05 feb 2018 16:25:20 +0100 Årsberetning Dansk Center for Byhistorie <p>Danish Centre for Urban History annual report<br />The year has been marked by many activities, major and minor.<br />The Centre is about to round off the research network project<br />“Shop, city, consumer” about Danish consumption culture with an<br />anthology published in November, “The Cultural History of Consumption”.<br />On the research project “Urban Consumption” much<br />has also been done, and the results are being documented, having<br />already been presented at conferences during the year. A<br />temporary network, “Urban Orders”, co-founded by Mikkel Thelle,<br />has been made permanent thanks to good results achieved over<br />the last two years. The Centre is working with historical data in<br />the project “Mapping the modern city”, which was presented at a<br />large conference in Montreal this winter. At the moment five PhD<br />students are attached to the Centre.</p> Mikkel Thelle ##submission.copyrightStatement## man, 05 feb 2018 16:25:20 +0100 Tal og Fakta Tal og fakta Thomas Bloch Ravn ##submission.copyrightStatement## man, 05 feb 2018 16:25:20 +0100