Den Gamle By rykker ud

Den Gamle By reaches out

  • Gorm Ruge


Den Gamle By’s specialized staff are at work all year round. But it is not only within Den Gamle By that they do their work. We have talked to six staff members who reach out and perform special tasks around the country. Woodcarver Lars Ørbæk Laursen has been out in the field several times to save and enhance the Aarhus city arms. Museum curator Anneken Appel Laursen monitors ongoing construction projects and local planning to ensure conservation values in Aarhus and Favrskov. Nynne Raunsgaard Sethia is a conservator specializing in conducting colour archaeology studies, and she works regularly on a variety of restoration projects where it is necessary to arrive at the original colours used. Construction archaeologist Erik Bjerre Fisker has investigated Nyborg Castle’s physical history while the castle has been under restoration. Cabinetmaker
and furniture conservator Torsten Meinert Johnsen has several times had the task of carefully dismantling altarpieces in various churches because they had to be restored. Painter Dorthe Kristensen Beaudhots has wielded her brush in several projects around the country– among other things she has participated in painting a fine French Aubertin organ in Mariager Church.

Ruge, G. (2019). Den Gamle By rykker ud. Den Gamle By: Danmarks Købstadmuseum (Årbog), 85, 10. Hentet fra