Årsberetning Dansk Center for Byhistorie

Danish Centre for urban History annual report

  • Mikkel Thelle


In the Center for Urban History, we’ve had a busy year. Two new research grants has been received, one from the Danish Research council on water and the modern city, and another from the Velux Foundation on urban sound history, an emergent field. We have also been working with urban infrastructures and regions, publishing articles on this and beginning a cooperation with other European centres for urban history, as well as participating in conferences. The work has also meant cooperation with stakeholders from Eastern
Jutland as well as the eastern Zealand urban regions. Another track has been the relation between nature and city, and the center is beginning to be active here, with seminars this winter and cooperation with environmental researchers, for example from the Technical University of Denmark. There has also been a close cooperation with Aarhus City Archive on both teaching and project development.

Thelle, M. (2020). Årsberetning Dansk Center for Byhistorie. Den Gamle By: Danmarks Købstadmuseum (Årbog), 85, 5. Hentet fra https://www.dengamlebyaarbog.dk/article/view/119307