Der er også brug for Den Gamle By i fremtiden


  • Thomas Bloch Ravn


museum, corona, krise, fremtiden


Corona and the future of the museums
The Corona crisis hit Danish cultural institutions hard in 2020. Museums such as Den Gamle By had to close temporarily and suaered
major economic losses. This came as a shock, but the crisis also led
to discussions about the role and future of the museums. For although the museums preserve the past, museums of cultural history
are first and foremost for people in the present and the future. Museums should not only be about something, but be for somebody.
That is, the visitors, who on the one hand experience something
recognizable, important and inspiring, on the other hand feel they
are part of something bigger.





Ravn, T. B. (2021). Der er også brug for Den Gamle By i fremtiden. Den Gamle By: Danmarks Købstadmuseum (Årbog), 86(86), 6. Hentet fra