Unge kan lære af besættelsen


  • Maria Juul Svalling


besættelsen, undervisning, skoler, kilder, dilemma, avis


The Occupation Museum has developed three new teaching programmes in close cooperation with teachers and pupils from primary and high schools. The aim was to make the Occupation relevant to the young people of today.
Good learning depends on the young finding the material stimulating, entertaining and relatable. For that reason the Occupation Museum involved six school classes who helped to test and adapt the courses. The new courses were developed in close collaboration with a focus group consisting of teachers from primary and high schools.
The three courses are based on local-historical, source-close and personally narrated material. This means that the pupils themselves go exploring history at eye-level with the people of the past. Through source-critical analysis they gain an understanding of life during the Occupation and its significance for the society of today





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