Årsberetning for Dansk Center for Byhistorie


  • Mikkel Thelle


byhistorie, den sorte by, forskning, velux


Danish Centre for Urban History 2020
Through much of 2020, Covid-19 meant a change in routines, but
also oaered new possibilities. Confined to home o^ces, the Centre
for Urban History had another busy year. Two new research grants
have been received, both from the Velux Foundation. One project
will look into the ways life in Danish cities became dependent on
fossil fuels, and another deals with daily life during the corona crisis. We have also been working on urban nature and environmental
urban history, cohosting an international conference and publishing articles on this subject. Projects on historical soundscapes of
Copenhagen and medieval infrastructure in Denmark have begun,
while the results from other projects on historical literacy and the
evolving urban regions of the 21st century have been published or
will be forthcoming in 2021. The Centre has been involved in several
publications, seminars, teaching programmes and evolving international cooperation as well as networking with other European Centres of Urban History in Belgium, the UK and Germany.





Thelle, M. (2021). Årsberetning for Dansk Center for Byhistorie. Den Gamle By: Danmarks Købstadmuseum (Årbog), 86(86), 5. Hentet fra https://www.dengamlebyaarbog.dk/article/view/125446