Frem ting vi lærte af coronakrisen


  • Thomas Bloch Ravn


corona, pandemi


Crisis leads to insights
The Corona crisis has seriously affected Den Gamle By and many
other cultural institutions, but the crisis has also given us new insights. Den Gamle By was perhaps no stranger to them before, but
they may well end up influencing Den Gamle By’s way of being a
museum in the years ahead. This editorial points to five insights. It
is a position of strength that Den Gamle By is an immersive experience where the visitors can see, smell, taste and experience history.
It is a unique selling point that visitors can meet real people and engage in dialogue with them. A memorable museum experience involves social spaces where visitors can come together. It is striking
that it is the best-loved museums that have been hit hardest by the
crisis. This suggests that the public authorities ought to take a higher degree of responsibility for the financing of the popular but vulnerable museums




Ravn, T. B. (2022). Frem ting vi lærte af coronakrisen . Den Gamle By: Danmarks Købstadmuseum (Årbog), 87(87), 6. Hentet fra