Årets Gang og planer for fremtiden


  • Thomas Bloch Ravn


New initiatives
In the middle of the Covid crisis in December 2020, it was a great encouragement that the Folketing decided to prolong a provisional grant to Den Gamle By for another four-year period. We are also grateful that the scope of the grant was expanded so that it could fund Den Gamle By’s takeover of an extraordinary collection of editorial cartoons from the Royal Library in Copenhagen. On December 25th Den Gamle By had to close down because of the Covid crisis.
On April the 21st of 2021, the museum reopened to a very limited number of visitors. In August the numbers had reached around 85 percent of a normal year, and now we are convinced that Den Gamle By will manage to continue, although on a smaller scale than in
previous years. During the crisis, new initiatives have been taken combining better visitor experiences with extra sources of earning for Den Gamle By, and we trust that these initiatives will provide a stronger economic basis for the museum in the future




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