Bedøm museerne på det, de leverer


  • Thomas Bloch Ravn Den Gamle By




The museums of the future

A new museum act should challenge the metropolitan focus and
etatism that have typified the for mal museum structure of Denmark
since the 1800s. We should take our point of departure in the question,
How does one ensure that Denmark in 10, 30 and 50 years’ time
will have attractive, professionally strong and economically sustainable
museums that have both wide popularity and a high international
profile? One can draw inspiration from the decentralised model
one finds in the Netherlands, which operates with 26 museums at
the highest level.
In an evaluation of museums at the highest level four factors
should be stressed: that the museum attracts and appeals to a wide
public; that the museum has collections of national and international
importance; that the museum has expertise at the very highest level,
documented for example by a permanent relationship with a university;
and that the museum has competences and resources with
which it helps other museums.





Bloch Ravn, T. (2023). Bedøm museerne på det, de leverer. Den Gamle By: Danmarks Købstadmuseum (Årbog), 88(88), 5–10. Hentet fra