En vikingeplankevej genskabt til Aarhus Fortæller


  • Martin Brandt Djupdræt
  • Christian Rønne Larsen
  • Rasmus Vinther


vikinger, plankevej, tømrer, Den Gamle By, Aarhus Fortæller


A Viking plank-road recreated
for The Aarhus Story
Archaeological findings have shown that there were plank-roads
in Viking Age Aarhus. A plank-road will be what visitors to the
museum first encounter in Aarhus Story, the exhibition about
Aarhus’s history from the Viking Age and into the future.
To be able to make this plank-road, Den Gamle By’s carpenters
have had to learn wood splitting techniques that were used
during the Viking Age. The first attempts to split tree trunks for
planks did not go as planned: the wood was too twisted and
gnarly. It was not until a thorough selection of the wood had
been carried out that the right tree trunks – ones that could be
transformed into straight planks – were found. After having been
split, the planks were further refined using adzes and broadaxes
made on the basis of axes from the Viking Age.
Working on the plank road has given Den Gamle By’s carpenters
an insight into a rarely-used method of carpentry. The finished
product, the plank road, will have a tangible presence and
embody a story that will set the scene for the experience, visitors
to the exhibition about the history of Aarhus, are to have.





Djupdræt, M. B., Larsen, C. R., & Vinther, R. (2017). En vikingeplankevej genskabt til Aarhus Fortæller. Den Gamle By: Danmarks Købstadmuseum (Årbog), 82(82), 129. Hentet fra https://www.dengamlebyaarbog.dk/article/view/25202